About Us

I run this consumer blog dedicated to helping Canadians make smart shopping choices. Based in Canada, I understand the unique challenges we face when shopping here, from high shipping costs to varying sales taxes. I aim to provide Canadians with the information they need to choose products that fit their needs and budget.

On my blog, I feature buyer guides, price lists, and unbiased reviews of products and services. I research and test out different items, providing honest assessments to help you make informed decisions. I cover electronics, appliances, fashion, home goods, and more – anything you need to find the best options.

In addition to recommendations, I offer tips for getting the best deals and savings. I help you take advantage of price matching, loyalty programs, sales, and discounts to maximize your budget.

I’m proud this is a Canadian blog and I strive to highlight the top products and services available here. I’m constantly updating the content to keep it current and welcome feedback from readers.

Thank you for making my blog your go-to for consumer information in Canada. I hope you find the content helpful and look forward to assisting with your purchasing decisions.


  • Milly

    Milly is a mechanical engineer residing in Canada who loves to disassemble and rebuild the latest tech in her spare time. Her passion for understanding how electronics work combined with her engineering expertise allows Milly to provide in-depth,nuts-and-bolts reviews on everything from smartphones to high-end TVs.