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Using a smartphone can be difficult if the “talkback” accessibility feature is accidentally turned on. Talkback reads aloud everything on the screen, which helps blind or visually impaired users, but can be annoying for others. If you don’t know how to turn off talkback, it can be very frustrating.

The talkback setting is usually found in your phone’s accessibility settings. To turn it off, you need to navigate to the settings while talkback is reading everything aloud. Go to the accessibility settings, find the talkback setting, and switch it off. You may need to tap around on the screen to find the right options.

Turning off talkback requires patience as it reads aloud each step. But once you find the setting and toggle it off, your phone will go back to normal. Just remember where the setting is located so you can quickly turn it off if talkback accidentally gets turned on again. With a little practice, you can disable talkback in under a minute.

The Procedure of How to turn off talkback

How to turn off talkback
How to turn off talkback

To enable the talkback feature, first open your phone’s settings. Scroll down and tap on “Accessibility” – this is where all the accessibility features are. In the Accessibility settings, look for the “Talkback” option and tap on it.

Talkback will ask your permission to control your device. Say yes to allow it. Talkback will then take you through a short 5-step tutorial explaining how it works. Listen to the voice prompts to learn how to navigate with talkback on.

The main difference is that with talkback, you need to double tap to select anything, instead of just tapping once. This allows talkback to read out what you are selecting. So double tap to open apps, select menu options, press buttons, etc.

The talkback tutorial will teach you the gestures needed to control your phone with this accessibility feature turned on. Once you’ve gone through the tutorial, talkback will be activated and ready to help you navigate your phone by reading out screen content. Just remember to double tap instead of single tap.

How to turn off talkback
How to turn off talkback

The technique to turn on talkback momentarily.

Settings>Accessibility>Talkback>Use Talkback

Turning off talkback can be tricky since you have to double-tap to select anything while it’s on.

First, open your phone’s settings. Remember to double-tap, not single tap. Double-tap on the Accessibility option to open it.

In Accessibility, look for the Talkback setting and double-tap to open it. You will see a switch for Turn Off Talkback. Double-tap the switch to turn talkback off.

Talkback will stop reading your screen aloud once it’s off. Your phone will go back to only needing a single tap to operate like normal.

technique to turn on talkback momentarily
technique to turn on talkback momentarily

The key things to remember are:

  • Open settings and tap Accessibility (double-tap not single)
  • Double-tap the Talkback setting to open it
  • Double-tap the Turn Off Talkback switch
  • Then talkback is disabled and your phone goes back to single tap

Following these steps, while carefully double-tapping, will allow you to successfully turn off talkback and restore your phone to normal tapping. Just be patient as talkback reads aloud each step.

technique to turn on talkback momentarily
technique to turn on talkback momentarily

Short method of turning off the talkback service

Setting>Accessibility>Talkback>Off Talkback

(Double-tap on every option)

Apart from these methods, I will tell you some of their shortcuts from which you can directly  Activate/Deactivate talkback.

Shortcut 1

By pressing the volume keys

S1–> Find volume keys (position of volume keys depends on your device)

S2–> Now press both volume keys (+, -) simultaneously and hold them for at least 3 seconds

Note:- This shortcut only works if you already turn on the talkback shortcut

Shortcut 2

With the help of google assistant

S1–> Press and hold your home screen key


Note:- You can also activate the talkback service too. Just replace the OFF with ON.


This guide covers the main ways to turn off talkback on your phone. The key steps are opening the Accessibility settings, finding Talkback, and double-tapping the switch to disable it.

These are the most straightforward methods for turning talkback on and off. If you know any other handy tricks for controlling talkback, feel free to share them in the comments!

Hopefully this article has helped explain how to easily turn off talkback if it ever gets accidentally activated. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to toggle it on or off whenever needed. Just remember to have patience and double-tap everything while talkback is enabled.

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