How to Hide or Delete a Facebook Page (Best Method)


A Facebook page is different from your personal Facebook profile. Pages are used by people and businesses to promote themselves online. For example, a musician might make a Facebook page to share their music. Or a company might have a page to advertise their products.

Pages are public – anyone can see them, even people who aren’t your Facebook friends. You can use pages to post updates, photos, events, and more. This helps you connect with new audiences.

Personal profiles are private. Only your Facebook friends can see your posts and info. Profiles are for connecting with people you know. Pages are for promoting yourself or your business to new people.

The main difference is pages are public, profiles are private. Pages help you advertise, profiles help you connect with friends.

The easiest way how to hide or delete a Facebook page

Let’s say you have a Facebook page you no longer want public. Maybe the page is old or embarrassing. Or you don’t want certain people seeing it anymore. Whatever the reason, Facebook lets you hide or delete pages.

To hide a page, go to your page’s Settings. Click on the “Visibility” tab. There is an option to “Hide Page.” Click this and your page will disappear from Facebook. Other people won’t be able to see it.

If you want to permanently delete a page, go to the page’s Settings. At the very bottom is a link saying “Permanently delete [page name].” Click this to delete the page forever. All content on the page will be erased.

So in summary, you can easily hide or delete any Facebook page you manage. Hiding removes the page from public view. Deleting erases the page completely. Use these options if you ever need to take a page down.

How to hide the Facebook page

how to hide or delete a Facebook page
how to hide or delete a Facebook page

Log into your Facebook account. Go to the page you want to hide and click on the settings at the top. Under Page Visibility, click on Edit. Choose Unpublished and click Save Changes. Select a reason for unpublishing the page and click Next. On the next screen, click Unpublish instead of Delete. Click Save Changes again.

That’s it! The page is now hidden. Just remember to always click Save Changes after making any edits in the settings. Let me know if you need me to clarify or expand on any part of these instructions. I tried to break it down into clear, easy to follow steps.

how to hide or delete a Facebook page
how to hide or delete a Facebook page

Open Facebook>Select the page you want to Hide>Open Page Setting>Page Visibility>Page Unpublished & Save changes>Select your reason and Tap on the Next Button>Select Unpublish.

How to delete the Facebook page

Go to your page and click on Settings at the top. In the General section, find the Remove Page option. Click on Delete Your Page. Facebook will ask if you want to Permanently Delete (Your Page Name). Click Delete.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the page. Click Delete Page.

That’s all there is to it! Once you click delete on the confirmation, your Facebook page will be permanently removed. This deletes the page and all of its content for good.

Let me know if you need any clarification on these steps for fully deleting a page on Facebook. I aimed to break it down into a straightforward process using simple language.

How to delete the Facebook page
How to delete the Facebook page

Page Settings> Edit>Page Remove>Delete your Page>Permanently Delete & Save Changes>Confirmation>Delete

There are many reasons why you may want to hide or delete your Facebook page. Here are some common reasons:

  • Your page is posting spam or inappropriate content without your knowledge.
  • Your page looks old and outdated. You want to redesign it.
  • You are changing your business name or starting fresh.
  • Your page keeps getting hacked.
  • You are starting a new business or changing the company name.
  • You’ve been hacked and need to hide the page.

Hiding or deleting a Facebook page is straightforward:

From a desktop or the Facebook app, go to your page. Click on the three dots in the top right corner. Select either “Hide Page” or “Delete Page” from the menu.

Facebook will take you through the steps to confirm hiding or deletion. Once confirmed, your page will be hidden or deleted.

I hope this simpler explanation helps explain reasons and steps for hiding/deleting a Facebook page. Let me know if you need any clarification!


What is the distinction between hiding and deleting a Facebook Page?

The primary difference lies in visibility. When you hide a page, it won’t appear in search results or your friends’ News Feeds. It’s not entirely deleted, and if you hide it permanently, others won’t find it anymore.

What happens if I choose the “hide” option?

Choosing to hide your Facebook Page means others won’t see that you’ve created it. However, it remains visible on Facebook. You can’t hide it from yourself; to stop seeing it in your News Feed, you must delete it.

Can I change my mind and bring my page back?

Yes, but only if you delete it by making it invisible. Once deleted, it’s not visible to others. Be certain of your decision before doing so.

Can I make my page private?

Yes, you can hide your profile from everyone except those with permission to see it. You can also set a duration for visibility after the privacy setting expires. To exclude a specific friend, you need to grant them individual access.

Can I choose who can see my page?

Yes, you can determine who sees your posts by adjusting privacy settings. Choose “Who sees my Facebook posts” under Account Settings. Options include “Only My Friends” or “Everyone On Facebook.”

My friend’s page is hidden. Can I access it?

No, unless they’ve made it public. Hidden pages are not visible or accessible unless the user grants explicit permission.


I hope this article has helped explain how to delete or hide your Facebook page. If you found this guide useful, please share it with your friends so they can learn too. Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you need to refer back to these instructions again later.

If you have any other questions about deleting or hiding your Facebook page, please leave a comment below. I’m happy to provide more information or clarification if needed. Thank you for reading! Let me know if this rewrite sounds more natural and easy to understand. I aim to present the information in a straightforward, conversational way.

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