Best Time To Buy A Mattress in canada


Buying a new mattress is a big purchase, since we spend so much of life sleeping. After going through the tough process of choosing one, it can pay off to wait for sales rather than rushing out to buy it right away. Good mattresses cost $1,000-$2,000 for a queen, the most popular size. But if you watch for certain sales times, you can save a lot.

At Inversion Magazine, we’ve tested tons of mattress brands and surveyed over 10,000 owners. We find the best time to buy a mattress is around holidays and big sales days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day.

We extensively review mattresses by meeting companies, surveying real owners, and doing consumer tests. Recently we looked at over 170,000 consumer questions and reviews. Our expertise shows major sales days give the biggest discounts on quality mattresses.

So after picking your ideal mattress, wait for the right sales. You can score major savings around holidays and popular discount days. Our testing proves this is when prices dip lowest all year.

Best Time To Buy A Mattress in canada
Best Time To Buy A Mattress in canada

What is the best time to buy a mattress?

Major holiday weekends

Mattress sales happen year-round but timing varies by brand. You’d have to keep tabs on all brands you’re interested in to catch random sales – that’s a lot of work!

“If a mattress company does run sales, holiday weekends are a reliable time to find deals,” says Lexie Sachs of the Inversion Magazine. “You’ll also likely see the most competitive pricing between brands then.”

The big holiday weekends to watch for deals are:

  • Presidents’ Day (third Monday in February)
  • Memorial Day (third Monday in May)
  • Fourth of July (no set date)
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)

Rather than chasing random sales, wait for major three-day weekends. Brands compete with holiday discounts on mattresses. The best deals land around these reliable sale times each year.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day

These major sales days aren’t holidays, but they still bring huge discounts – including on mattresses:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday: The weekend and Monday after Thanksgiving has the biggest sales. Brands offer their most competitive mattress deals around this time. In 2022, some sales started weeks before Thanksgiving.
  • Amazon Prime Day(s): Brands respond to this big Amazon event even if they don’t sell on the site. It’s usually in mid-July, though in 2023 there was a second one in October.

While not traditional holidays, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day(s) are now key sales times. Retailers offer deep mattress discounts to match these major shopping days. Watch for the steepest mattress price drops around these predictable sales.

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When should I replace my mattress?

While there’s no set timeline for replacing a mattress, you can expect a quality mattress to last at least 8-10 years. Watch for warning signs like lumps, dents, or waking up sore that signal it’s time for a new one.

If you want a quicker or cheaper fix, a mattress topper can add comfort without buying a whole new mattress.

Caring for your mattress also extends its life. Use a mattress protector to shield it from spills, wear, allergens, dust, accidents, and bedbugs. A protector is much easier to wash than the mattress itself.

So in summary:

  • A good mattress lasts about 8-10 years
  • Add a topper to refresh without replacing
  • Protect your mattress with a washable cover

Taking care of your mattress and adding a topper when needed allows you to stretch time between replacements.

How much should a good mattress cost?

A mattress is a big investment, and prices often reflect that. Our research shows a quality queen mattress costs $1,000-$2,000 on average. There are good budget options under $500, and premium picks over $2,000 that can be worth it.

The materials and number of layers impact the price – more layers means a higher cost generally. Organic mattresses also tend to cost more than polyurethane foam ones.

Unfortunately, mattress prices have gone up a lot lately due to industry supply chain issues. Brands keep increasing costs, and that trend will likely continue over the next months. But you can still find discounts by shopping smart – avoid paying full price if possible!

The main points:

  • Expect to pay $1,000-$2,000 for a good queen mattress
  • More layers and organic materials raise the price
  • Prices rising lately due to supply chain problems
  • Shop sales and avoid full price to save what you can

Where should I shop for a mattress?

In-store shopping

The biggest plus to in-store is that you can actually lie down on mattresses before buying. Since mattresses are pricey, it helps to try them first. The downside is going from store to store can be time-consuming and overwhelming. It’s also hard to directly compare mattresses. And a quick test in a store doesn’t show how it really feels to sleep on it night after night. Before going in person, research prices online so you don’t overpay. Don’t be afraid to ask for a price match either.

Online shopping

Shopping online means you can’t try out the mattress. But it makes comparing mattresses much easier since you can quickly toggle between models. This can help indecision since online brands tend to have fewer options. And shopping in your pajamas is way cozier! One thing – some online brands claim they have lower prices without brick-and-mortar overhead. But we’ve found that’s not always true.

The key pros and cons:

In-store – Try before you buy, but time-consuming Online – Easy to compare, but no test feel

Do some prep first either way to get the best deal.

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