7 Signs You Need A Water Softener


If you have hard water, you might notice some issues like soap not lathering well, dry skin, stained sinks or bathtubs, spotted dishes

7 Signs You Need A Water Softener
7 Signs You Need A Water Softener

, scale buildup on faucets and showerheads, dingy looking clothes, and appliances not working as efficiently. Those are signs you may need a water softener to reduce the mineral content in your water. A water softener can help with many of those problems and make your water easier to use around the house.



Hard water can leave mineral deposits inside your water heater over time. This buildup can clog pipes, make odd noises, and make your heater work less efficiently. If the sediment accumulation gets really bad, it can even break your water heater completely so you’d need to replace it. Using a water softener helps reduce those mineral deposits so your water heater can work properly for longer.


The minerals in hard water can leave scale build-up inside appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. Over time, this scale can cause small leaks in pipes and damage the appliances. If left untreated, hard water makes your appliances less efficient and wear out faster. You may need to replace them sooner than expected. Using a water softener prevents those mineral deposits from building up. This helps your appliances run properly for longer.


The minerals in hard water make it harder for soap to lather up. Instead of getting nice suds, the soap leaves residue behind. This can cause soap scum to build up on sinks, tubs, and showers. If your soap isn’t foaming much or you see soap scum, that’s a sign you have hard water. A water softener filters out those minerals so soap works better and doesn’t leave gunk behind.


Hard water makes it hard for laundry soap to suds up too. Plus the minerals can make clothes feel rough. Fabric softener helps a bit, but it’s not as good as washing with soft water.

If you’re tired of hard water problems at home, a water softening system filters out those minerals so soap can lather properly. Your clothes will come out cleaner and softer too. Getting your water softened makes a big difference. Consider contacting a local water treatment company to learn about your options. Having soft water makes cleaning and washing much easier.


Hard water can make cleaning dishes a real pain. When you wash dishes in hard water, you may notice a chalky substance building up on them. This sediment is tough to scrub off. You can try soaking dishes in vinegar to dissolve the build-up, but who wants an extra step after washing dishes?

Another sign of hard water is if your coffee maker or tea kettle has a residue that just won’t rinse away no matter how much you scrub. The mineral deposits from the hard water stick stubbornly.

The good news is you can actually soften up your home’s water supply. This makes cleaning and washing much easier by preventing that stubborn mineral scale. Look into getting a water softening system installed – your dishes and appliances will thank you!

No more scrubbing away nasty hard water stains. Just squeaky clean dishes and kettles that look brand new. Soft water makes cleaning so much simpler.


Hard water doesn’t just leave mineral deposits on dishes – it also builds up gunk inside your home’s pipes. Even though you can’t see it, over time sediment from the hard water accumulates on the inside of the pipes.

Eventually this build-up can clog up the pipes, making it harder for water to flow through them. The restricted water flow can cause water pressure problems all over your house. Annoying things like lower shower pressure or sputtering faucets.

If the pipe build-up from hard water gets really excessive, you may even need to get your home’s pipes replaced entirely. That’s a big hassle and expense.

The solution is installing a water softening system. It prevents the sediment from accumulating in the first place by removing the minerals that make water “hard.”

Soft water keeps your pipes clear and water flowing freely. No need to replace pipes or deal with pressure problems. Your plumbing will thank you!


Hard water can be rough on your hair and skin too – not just your dishes and pipes! The high mineral content in hard water can cause dryness for hair and skin.

It’s like when your favorite shirt gets all scratchy and rough after too many wash cycles. Same thing happens to your locks and skin when they’re exposed to all those harsh minerals in hard water. Not a good look!

Unsure if your home needs softened water? No problem, we can help! Reach out to the experts at InversionMagazine. We’ll take a look at your water quality and help determine if a softening system is right for you.

Don’t let hard water turn your hair into straw or give your skin an itchy, tight feeling. Contact InversionMagazine to see if water softening is the solution. We’ll get your water – and your skin – feeling soft again in no time!

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