Editorial Policy

At Inversion Magazine, we are steadfast in our commitment to a fair, transparent, and impartial fact-checking process. We uphold the following principles to maintain high editorial standards:

Nonpartisan Approach: Inversion Magazine maintains complete independence from any political party or affiliation. We fact-check stories from across the political spectrum and subject all claims to uniform standards, irrespective of their origin. We fearlessly and impartially expose false information, upholding the principles of objectivity and fairness.

Evidence-Based Verification: We consider the truth to be an unwavering principle, and as such, we place a strong emphasis on accuracy in our fact-checking endeavors. Our findings are rooted in solid data, supported by a diverse range of sources. Depending on the nature of the fact-check, we employ various tools such as reverse image searches or reference materials from credible sources. When necessary, we directly contact relevant parties to validate claims. We never rely on unverified or anonymous sources.

Transparency: Inversion Magazine is committed to transparency. We provide comprehensive explanations detailing how a particular claim was debunked or verified. This commitment to transparency not only fosters trust but also serves as an educational resource for our readers, empowering them to critically assess claims they may encounter in the future.


  • Milly

    Milly is a mechanical engineer residing in Canada who loves to disassemble and rebuild the latest tech in her spare time. Her passion for understanding how electronics work combined with her engineering expertise allows Milly to provide in-depth,nuts-and-bolts reviews on everything from smartphones to high-end TVs.