Corrections Policy

At Inversion Magazine, we are committed to maintaining the accuracy, timeliness, and relevance of the information presented in our fact-checked articles. In order to facilitate verification for our readers, we include links to the original sources.

If you come across any inconsistencies or errors, we encourage you to reach out to our editors, using the subject line “Error in Fact-Check Dated DD/MM/YYYY.” We take such reports seriously and will promptly address them.

We highly value feedback and constructive input from our readers, and you can also find us actively engaging with our audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We readily acknowledge and rectify any corrections made to our fact-checks to uphold our commitment to accuracy.


  • Milly

    Milly is a mechanical engineer residing in Canada who loves to disassemble and rebuild the latest tech in her spare time. Her passion for understanding how electronics work combined with her engineering expertise allows Milly to provide in-depth,nuts-and-bolts reviews on everything from smartphones to high-end TVs.