Best Time to Buy a New Car


If you’re aiming for a sweet deal on a car, here are some dates to circle on your calendar. Knowing the best times to hit the dealership can boost your chances of scoring a fantastic price on the car you have your eye on.

There are specific times during the week, month, and year that are perfect for visiting car dealerships and saving a bundle on a new ride.

What’s cool is that some of these periods overlap, creating extra golden opportunities to snag a great deal. Ready to dive into the details? Let’s get started!

Best Time to Buy a New Car
Best Time to Buy a New Car

1. Towards the end of the year

One of the top-notch moments to buy a car is during end-of-year sales. Dealers are keen to hit their annual sales targets, and that works out well for you with exclusive deals and offers. These sales usually kick off in the fall and roll on through winter. Plus, here’s a little bonus: these early sales align with Black Friday, bringing you even more fantastic savings!

2. Towards the end of every month

To snag a sweet deal, consider strolling into a dealership towards the end of the month or quarter. Why? Because many dealers have monthly sales targets to meet, and some are still hustling to hit their quarterly or monthly quotas.

During these times, you might find some flexibility to negotiate a lower price. Even if the quotas are met, dealers can earn a special bonus by surpassing them, making them more inclined to offer a reduction to seal the deal.

3. When new models are released

In late August and September, dealerships usually start receiving the latest car models. During this period, they often begin slashing prices on the previous season’s inventory to clear space for the shiny new models. It’s an excellent opportunity to grab a deal on a car from the previous year. While it might lack a few of the latest features, you can negotiate a fantastic deal on a brand-new car that’s just not the absolute latest model.

Some manufacturers unveil new models as early as spring. If you have a preferred brand, check when they release new models and explore the possibility of getting a discount on the previous year’s inventory.

4. During slow days at the dealership

For the best chance at a good deal, try to visit dealerships during less busy times. Opt for weekdays, especially Monday to Wednesday, instead of the weekends. Rainy days can also be advantageous since there are fewer people around. On these slower days, negotiations might be a bit more flexible because the dealership has fewer customers to attend to.

Here’s a pro tip: Consider buying a car on New Year’s Eve. It’s a strategic time—it marks the end of a quarter, month, and year! While others are gearing up for parties, you could be driving away in a car you adore, with fewer crowds at the dealership.

5. During the off-season

Late fall and December can be excellent times to get discounts on various new car models. If you’re interested in a convertible, this season might be particularly favorable as demand for these cars tends to drop in the winter. On the flip side, if you’re eyeing a 4-wheel-drive SUV, consider buying it during the warmer months when winter is still a bit away. This way, you could snag some summer savings!

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