Milan Lucic’s Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?


Hockey player Milan Lucic was recently arrested, which made big news headlines. With his arrest, people have been talking more about his personal life lately. In this article, we’ll look at what Milan Lucic’s net worth is.

Lucic currently plays for the Boston Bruins in the NHL. As a professional hockey player, how much money has he made in his career? We’ll dig into his finances to find out what his total net worth is.

We’ll go over how much he’s earned over his career as a pro hockey player. We’ll also look at how his career has gone so far.

Additionally, we’ll learn about the details of Lucic’s reported arrest – what happened, why he was arrested, and what this means for his reputation.

The goal is to give a full picture of Milan Lucic’s career earnings and his recent legal troubles. Stay tuned to find out more about the hockey star’s net worth and his arrest that made headlines.

Milan Lucic
Milan Lucic

Who Is Milan Lucic?

Before we get into Milan Lucic’s net worth, let’s go over some basics about his early life.

Milan Lucic was born in Vancouver, Canada. His parents are Dobrivoje “Dobro” Lucic and Snežana Kesa, who are Serbian immigrants.

When Milan was young, his dad Dobro came to Vancouver from Serbia at age 27 to work as a longshoreman. Milan’s mom Snezana also moved to Vancouver from Serbia with her parents when she was just 2 years old.

Milan has two brothers – an older brother named Jovan and a younger brother named Nikola.

He went to high school at Killarney Secondary School in Vancouver.

Lucic started playing junior hockey with the Coquitlam Express in the BCHL in 2004-2005.

His pro career began when he joined the Boston Bruins in 2007. He played with the Bruins until 2015.

After that, Lucic played for the Los Angeles Kings, the Edmonton Oilers, and the Calgary Flames over the years.

Then in 2023, he returned to the Boston Bruins and signed a 1-year, $1 million contract on July 1st.

So now that you know a bit about his background, you’re probably wondering – what is Milan Lucic’s net worth?

Milan Lucic arrested
Milan Lucic arrested

Milan Lucic Arrested After Alleged Domestic Dispute

Milan Lucic’s net worth and personal life have been in the news lately because of his reported arrest related to a domestic dispute. The details are unclear, but it seems there was some kind of incident between Lucic and his wife, Brittany Carnegie.

On Saturday, the Boston Bruins announced that Lucic is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team. This comes after he was reportedly arrested following an alleged domestic incident on Friday night.

The Bruins released a statement saying they are aware of the incident involving Lucic. They said Lucic is taking a leave from the team and that they take these matters very seriously. The team said they will provide support and assistance to the Lucic family but won’t comment further right now.

According to reports, sources have confirmed that Lucic was taken into custody early Saturday morning in Boston after some kind of domestic incident.

The details of exactly what happened between Lucic and his wife are not known yet. But his arrest and leave from the Bruins have brought his personal life into the spotlight along with ongoing interest in his net worth as an NHL player. This is a difficult time for Lucic and his family.
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Milan Lucic’s Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

Canadian hockey pro Milan Lucic has made some pretty good money over his career. Reports estimate his total net worth is around $5 million.

With the successful hockey career he’s had, Lucic definitely deserves that wealth.

Sources estimate his total career earnings so far are over $72 million. He’s signed 5 different contracts worth more than $76 million combined throughout his NHL career.

Lucic has put up impressive stats too – he’s scored 586 points in 1177 regular season games. And in 136 playoff games, he’s scored 77 points.

So at age 34, the veteran NHL left winger has done very well for himself financially. A net worth of $5 million is a nice chunk of change. Considering his career earnings over $70 million, Lucic has made some good money playing professional hockey.

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