Gianna Bryant Autopsy Report Reveals Tragic Details With Sketch, Last Words & Cause of Death!


Young basketball player Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, 13, died far too soon in a helicopter accident on January 26, 2020. She and her father, basketball star Kobe Bryant, were on their way to a tournament when the crash occurred near Calabasas, California.

Details surrounding the tragic accident continue to emerge, but many questions remain unanswered. The release of sensitive information and speculation has only compounded the grief felt by the Bryant family and fans worldwide.

As we memorialize Kobe and Gigi’s lives, it is important to do so with both accuracy and compassion. Their sudden passing united the world in mourning, and their memories deserve to be honored with dignity and grace. Most of all, the privacy and well-being of those closest to them should be respected during this profoundly difficult time.

Gigi Autopsy Sketch

Recently, upsetting images claiming to show details from Kobe and Gigi Bryant’s crash have circulated online. This has happened alongside news of Mrs. Bryant’s legal case against Los Angeles County.

She alleges that first responders took and shared inappropriate photos of the 2020 accident site. The case aims to protect the dignity and privacy of those lost in the tragedy.

Spreading or engaging with any insensitive crash imagery could prolong the grief of the Bryant family. As they continue to mourn and seek justice, we must be mindful of how our actions impact them during this difficult legal process.

I apologize, upon reflection the previous passages did not demonstrate adequate discretion regarding the tragedy. Please let me know if I can reword information about this sensitive event in a more thoughtful way.

Gigi’s Autopsy Sketch
Gigi’s Autopsy Sketch

What Was Found in Gigi’s Autopsy Report?

The helicopter crash that killed Gianna “Gigi” Bryant and her father Kobe Bryant in January 2020 was very sad. Many people wanted to know if the pilot was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the crash happened.

The autopsy reports for Gigi and Kobe were made public. The reports showed that both father and daughter died from severe injuries in the crash. First responders were shocked by how badly hurt everyone was. There was helicopter fuel found on the victims’ clothes too. This showed how bad the crash was.

Gigi and Kobe’s autopsy reports have been talked about a lot online lately. This is because Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant is suing the LA County Sheriff’s Department. She says some crash scene photos were shared in secret. The public hasn’t seen these photos. Vanessa is suing because of emotional distress.

Some people online think the autopsy details were released by accident. But the official autopsy reports can be requested from the LA County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The report said Kobe died from trauma from the crash. Gigi’s death was ruled accidental from the crash too. The medical examiner gave details about the crash scene in August 2022 for Vanessa’s lawsuit.

Below is her autopsy report- 

You can also check Gigi Bryant’s Autopsy report on Reddit; here is a link- Check Here.

Download Link for autopsy- Gianna’s autopsy.

Gigi’s Autopsy Report
Gigi’s Autopsy Report

Fans Reaction After Watching Gigi’s Autopsy Report Online

Many people on social media felt uncomfortable about Kobe Bryant’s autopsy details being shared so much online. One woman said she found it “deeply unsettling” that the details were made public.

Some people didn’t understand why others were so curious about the details. One person asked “Why is Kobe Bryant’s autopsy information being shared so widely on the internet?”

Reading the details made some fans very sad. One said “I looked into the details about Kobe’s crash and it left me in tears.” Another said “Going through what happened to Kobe and his daughter was so hard on my heart.”

One person who used to be a forensic investigator said the autopsy details made them feel sick. They said “Imagining being in a crash like that, especially with my background, is unimaginable.”

People feel it’s insensitive and inappropriate to share graphic details of someone’s death so widely. The autopsy results being public knowledge is one thing, but many felt deeply uncomfortable with them trending on social media.

The Cause of Death: Blunt Trauma in an Accidental Crash

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s office did an autopsy on Gianna “Gigi” Bryant after she died in the helicopter crash with her dad Kobe and 7 others. The autopsy report said Gigi died from blunt force trauma in the accident.

Gigi, just 13 years old, was traveling with her dad to a basketball game when their helicopter crashed. The National Transportation Safety Board investigated the crash. They found the main cause was a mistake, or “pilot error,” by the helicopter pilot.

The crash was ruled an accident that tragically killed all 9 people on board. Gigi and her dad Kobe were on their way to one of Gigi’s basketball games that day. The autopsy confirmed Gigi died from injuries in the terrible crash, along with her dad and the others. It was very sad for their family, friends and fans.

Gianna Bryant family
Gianna Bryant family

The Gruesome Nature of the Crash

The details from Gianna Bryant’s autopsy report are very hard to hear about. The report shows she was very badly injured in the helicopter crash, to the point where her body could not be recognized.

The impact of the crash was so forceful that her spine went through her skull, causing loss of brain matter. Her foot, shin bone, and lower stomach area were also severely damaged in the crash.

Overall, the report describes extreme, traumatic injuries to Gianna’s body from the accident. The technical medical details illustrate just how devastating the crash was. It’s incredibly sad to think about what 13-year-old Gianna went through. The severity of her injuries really drives home the tragedy of the accident that claimed her life alongside her father Kobe and 7 others.

Gianna Bryant helicopter Crash
Gianna Bryant helicopter Crash

Remembering Gianna: A Promising Athlete

13-year-old Gianna “Gigi” Bryant was a gifted basketball player. She practiced at the Mamba Sports Academy, which was started by her dad, NBA legend Kobe Bryant. On the day of the helicopter crash, Gigi and her dad were headed to one of her basketball games.

Gigi went to Harbor Day School where she played on the basketball team. After she died, they retired her jersey number 2 to honor her. Two of Gigi’s teammates on the team, Alyssa and Payton, were also killed in the crash along with their coach, Christina Mauser. The school and basketball community mourned the loss of the three young players and their coach.

Gigi had a bright future ahead of her in basketball. She hoped to play at UConn and make it to the WNBA one day. Her talent, determination and love of the game were clear even at just 13 years old. Gigi is remembered not just as Kobe Bryant’s daughter, but as an exceptional young athlete who embodied the “Mamba mentality” like her dad.


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The sudden deaths of 13-year-old Gianna “Gigi” Bryant and her famous dad, basketball legend Kobe Bryant, in a helicopter crash deeply impacted the sports world. The autopsy details showed Gigi and the other victims suffered very severe injuries from the intensity of the crash.

As people around the world mourn this terrible loss, Gigi is remembered as a promising young athlete. Her talent and dedication to basketball at such a young age showed she had a bright future ahead of her. Her tragic passing is a sad reminder of a life cut far too short.

We gathered this information from trustworthy sources with the intention of sharing, and not upsetting anyone. If you have any thoughts or perspectives to share about this incident, please kindly leave them in the comments.

This covers everything we know right now. But we will update readers if we get any new details. Please share any additional insights you may have about this sad event in the comments too.

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