Best Time to Buy Home Appliances in Canada


Does your kitchen need new appliances? Is your dryer not heating like it used to? Replacing major appliances can get expensive. But you don’t have to pay full price.

With some planning and research, you can find deals on major appliance replacements. New kitchen and laundry appliances often cost thousands, but you can save substantially if you’re a smart shopper.

There are ways to get discounts, find sales, and avoid overpaying. Take time to compare models and prices. Look for rebates and coupons too. A small effort can lead to major savings on that shiny new fridge or high-tech washer.

Best Time to Buy Home Appliances
Best Time to Buy Home Appliances

The best times in the year to buy appliances

You can get appliance deals year-round if you plan ahead. According to Kiplinger, September and October are best for major appliances besides fridges and AC units.

That’s when new models come out, so stores discount older ones to clear space. Consumer expert Regina Novickis says washers, dryers and stoves often get 20% off. You may even find clearance models for up to 90% off!

Fridges go on sale in May around Mother’s Day when new models arrive. Discounts of 50% off are common on older fridges then.

AC units and gas grills follow a different schedule. Look for sales from October thru February – cooler months when people aren’t thinking about staying cool yet.

So for most appliances, aim for Fall sales. But target May for fridges, or winter for AC and grills. With planning, you can score major discounts year-round.

How to find discount appliances

Timing your appliance shopping trip strategically can lead to extra discounts:

January – Old models get deep clearance discounts, but selection is limited.

Holiday Weekends – Stores often have appliance sales for statutory holidays.

Month’s End – Salespeople may negotiate more to meet quotas.

Weekdays – Less crowded than weekends so you can take time and may get better deals.

Online – Websites offer the same seasonal and year-round sales as in-store.

The key is being strategic with when you shop. Avoid busy times when you feel rushed. Shoot for days when stores need sales or have flexibility. And don’t forget to check for online deals too!

With some planning around timing, you can maximize the discounts you find. Let me know if this summary is clear and conversational!

How to find appliance deals online

Online shopping for big stuff like appliances is getting more popular. But before you click “buy” on that washing machine, keep these tips in mind:

Double-check the total cost. Don’t forget to add in delivery fees so you know the real price.

Try before you buy if you can. Go check out the appliance at a local store first to see if you like using it. You can buy it there if the price is good.

Read the return policy and warranty carefully. Make sure you can send it back if needed. Some stores try to limit your rights.

Figure in disposal costs if needed. Many online stores won’t haul away your old appliance. Check if your utility company or a local charity can take it.

Use different browsers to compare prices. You might find better deals that way.

The bottom line is to do your research before purchasing major appliances online. Make sure you understand the full costs and can return it if needed.

When to buy used appliances

If an appliance breaks and you need a new one fast, you still have options to save money:

Check Craigslist for used appliances from people moving. You can get great deals.

Sell your old appliance to a refurbishing center, then use that money to buy a refurbished model.

Look for scratch and dent sales. Appliances with minor cosmetic issues still work great but are discounted.

Go to a liquidation center. They buy overstock and sell it cheap.

The bottom line – don’t pay full price if you suddenly need a new appliance. Ask the salesperson for their best deal. Check alternative places like Craigslist or refurbishing centers. With some research, you can avoid a big dent in your wallet.

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