Best Time to Buy Furniture in Canada in 2023


Best Time to Buy Furniture in Canada: Just like other big purchases, timing is everything when shopping for furniture deals. As a fellow deal-seeker, I’ve learned certain seasons can yield major savings on different furniture categories. But you’ve got to know when and where to look.

For example, outdoor patio furniture sees peak discounts in late summer as retailers clear out stock before winter hits. Department stores hold huge bed and mattress sales in January. And the best deals on living room sets emerge around holiday weekends like Memorial Day.

My advice – make a wish list and track sales calendars so you can snag furnishings at the optimal time rather than overpaying. Just ensure any discounted furniture still offers enduring quality and durability, not flimsy construction. With smart timing and savvy comparison shopping, you can furnish your home both beautifully and affordably. Let me know if you need any tips tracking down the perfect furniture at the perfect price!

Best Time to Buy Furniture in Canada
Best Time to Buy Furniture in Canada

The Best Time to Buy Indoor Furniture in Canada

Fellow furniture shoppers – if you’re looking to revamp your home while saving money, timing is everything! In my experience scouring deals in Canada, the best sales for indoor staples like sofas, beds, and dining sets fall in January, July, and around major holidays.

That’s because retailers clear old inventory in winter and summer to make room for new collections debuting in spring and fall. I always find crazy markdowns like 40% off or more during these changeover periods.

Definitely watch for holiday promos too – long weekends like Victoria Day or Canada Day, along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can yield massive savings from both national and online-only retailers.

For the biggest selection, I recommend browsing sales early at go-to sites like Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart. But don’t sacrifice quality just for the lowest price – look for durable construction despite the discount. With proper timing, you can score statement furniture pieces that make your home shine while staying on budget. Let me know if you need any deal-hunting tips!

The Best Time to Buy Office Furniture in Canada

Office workers, listen up! As a fellow deal hunter, I’ve found the best time to buy furniture like desks, chairs, and shelving is during the fall in Canada.

The deals start flowing after the major NeoCon office furniture trade show in June. This is where manufacturers debut their upcoming collections to retailers. Though unveiled in summer, these new product lines don’t actually hit stores until autumn.

That means retailers are motivated to clear out old inventory through huge discounts – I’m talking 30% off or more on quality office furniture about to be replaced by new models. Definitely take advantage of these changeover sales!

Another prime buying window is late August through September, during the busy back-to-school season. Retailers are gearing up for holiday inventory arriving in winter, so you can score markdowns on existing stock.

With some strategy, you can upgrade your whole office on a budget. Follow industry timings, compare retailers, and pounce on post-summer or holiday clearance deals. Let me know if you need any other Canada-specific tips for scoring office furniture at the best price!

The Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture in Canada

For you outdoor living enthusiasts, I’ve got excellent news – late summer through fall is prime patio furniture deal season in Canada! As retailers shift focus from backyard lounging to holiday shoppers, you can scoop up insane savings on outdoor staples.

Here’s the timing – new patio collections typically launch in stores around February each year. This means retailers are eager to offload existing stock in August through October to clear space, offering discounts up to 50% off or more!

I’m talking deals on patio sets, outdoor sofas and sectionals, barbecues – you name it. Definitely take advantage of the seasonal sales before cold weather hits. Monitor weekly flyers and online retailers for the best deals as summer winds down. With flexible timing and a little luck, you can outfit your yard in style while keeping more cash in your wallet. Let me know if you need any tips spotting the finest patio furniture at the best price!

Furniture Buying Tips in Canada

I couldn’t agree more – investing in new furniture is a big commitment, both financially and for your home’s style. As a fellow shopper, I know it’s tempting to jump on discounts, but smart strategies can mean even bigger savings.

Here are my top tips for scoring furniture deals in Canada:

  • Wait for seasonal sales around holidays and inventory changeovers
  • Stack coupons and promo codes on top of markdowns
  • Check weekly flyers and sign up for store emails to get the best offers
  • Shop showroom open box and floor model deals
  • Consider gently used pieces from classified ads or consignment shops
  • Negotiate at furniture outlets and warehouse retailers

With some flexibility on style and timing, you can furnish your space both beautifully and affordably. Let me know if you need any other budget-friendly shopping hacks – I love helping fellow Canadians accessorize their home while keeping money in their wallets!

1. Negotiate

Fellow deal-seekers – when buying furniture, don’t be afraid to negotiate for the best price! I always encourage trying to bargain respectfully with local sellers, whether retailers or private parties.

Before you shop, do your research and find the lowest comparable prices online for the items you want. Use these as leverage, explaining you’ve found the same sofa/dining set for less elsewhere and asking if they can match or beat that discounted price. Politely inquire about any special pricing, bundles or bulk discounts they may be able to offer.

You can also try negotiating at furniture outlets, floor model sales or consignment events. The worst they can say is no! With flexibility and preparation, you may be surprised what savings you can achieve. Of course, maintain realistic expectations – handcrafted pieces may have less room for markdowns. But on many mass-produced furnishings, bargaining can mean big savings. Let me know if you need any other thrift tips for furnishing your home affordably!

2. Know When to Shop Online or In-Store

When buying big-ticket furniture, I recommend weighing the pros and cons of both online and in-store shopping to make the best choice for you.

Online, you can easily compare prices across retailers and read reviews on specific models to find deals. But without seeing furniture in person first, you risk disappointments on comfort, quality and style.

Visiting physical showrooms allows you to test out furniture before purchasing. You can compare fabric options like velvet vs leather on sofas. And inspect construction quality up close.

My advice is to research thoroughly online first to narrow down options. But always visit a store to experience your top choices in real life before hitting “Buy”. This ensures you select pieces that look and feel like home.

With some savvy comparison shopping online and hands-on testing in stores, you can find fabulous furniture that perfectly fits your space and lifestyle. Let me know if you need any other tips for shopping furniture wisely while still scoring bargains!

3. Check Warranties

I know a great discount can be tempting and make you want to buy a TV right away. But before rushing out of the store, it’s crucial we ask about the warranty details.

Specifically, I always inquire about what kind of coverage they provide, any exclusions, and the warranty length or duration. This gives me peace of mind about my purchase.

While an extended warranty can add cost upfront, it may be worthwhile for more expensive TVs to protect our investment down the road. Getting the warranty specifics allows us to make an informed decision on whether added coverage is necessary for our needs and budget.

Doing a little research ahead of time on average repair costs can also help us evaluate if a warranty is worthwhile. Thinking long-term, not just short-term savings, ensures we make the smartest choice. Never assume a TV comes with a strong manufacturer’s warranty. Checking is a smart move.


I’ve found certain times of year are better for scoring deals on furniture, while other months it pays to avoid major purchases.

If looking for indoor furniture bargains, it’s best to skip February and August based on my tracking of sales trends. For outdoor pieces, holding off until after early summer is wise, as prices dip later. Office furniture is most affordable in the first half of the year; higher costs crop up from October to December.

Being strategic with timing is key for us to save on every category. I recommend first listing needs and wants. Then we can research optimal buying months and watch for promotions accordingly. Acting when prices drop, not when we necessarily need new furniture, is the smartest approach. With a little planning, we can furnish our homes and offices affordably!

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