Best Time to Buy Electronics in Canada in 2023


Best Time to Buy Electronics Canada: As a bargain shopper myself, I’m always looking for the best prices on quality electronics. The good news is there are optimal times each year to score deals.

In my experience, major sales happen when new versions of products launch. Older models drastically drop in price to make way for the new ones. Going for these older versions allows us to save big, since new releases tend to only have minor changes anyway.

But you don’t have to wait for the next new gadget if you need something sooner. In this guide, I’ll share the peak deal seasons I’ve found for buying different electronics affordably.

With some strategic timing, we can land huge discounts on the tech and gadgets we want without sacrificing quality. By buying at the right moment, we can all become savings masters! Read on for my tips to access bargain prices all year.

Best Time to Buy Electronics Canada
Best Time to Buy Electronics Canada

Best Time to Buy Laptops in Canada

By far, laptops are one of the most important electronics that we, as buyers, are always on the lookout for a good deal on. As I’ve observed, the Consumer Electronics Show in January is a prime time to get our hands on a new laptop. This is when we can often find some nice deals, especially on the older models, as retailers are looking to restock their inventories.

We might also want to consider March through April. During this period, brands like HP and Microsoft introduce upgrades and new models. When this happens, the prices of the older models tend to drop significantly.

Even better is Black Friday. It’s the single biggest event when the prices on even the priciest electronics become extremely affordable. For Black Friday, we need to patiently wait until November. However, if we wish to avoid the rush and craze of Black Friday, we can always look towards Cyber Monday, which follows just after Black Friday.

Another fantastic time to buy a laptop in Canada is during the last week of July through the first three weeks of August, a period popularly known as “back-to-school.” Students are among the largest groups of laptop owners, and brands will compete aggressively to inspire us, the consumers, to go for their models for the new school year. These discounts apply to all brands, including Macs. Apple is known for its student discounts, so we should have our student IDs handy to secure a pretty good deal.

Next up is Amazon Prime Day. If we’re looking to get a laptop online, then we might want to consider checking out Amazon either in June or July. This is typically when Amazon Prime Day takes place, although the exact month is determined by the eCommerce giant. During this event, we can find great deals on just about anything offered on the shopping site, including laptops.

Finally, if we’re fans of Apple products, then keeping an eye on older models when new ones are released is a wise move. Apple products don’t usually go on sale like other brands, but we’re sure to get a great deal when Apple releases a new model or makes a significant upgrade not available in older models.

Best Time to Buy Video Games in Canada

I’ve noticed the best time to buy older gaming consoles for less is January and February right after the new systems launch in November/December. With all the buzz around the latest PlayStation and Xbox versions during the holidays, retailers deeply discount older consoles to clear inventory in winter. As a deal seeker, I watch for markdowns up to 30% off or more during this time. The games are still compatible across generations too – so we can enjoy the same titles for much cheaper! By shopping just after the holiday craze for new systems, patient buyers like us can score the previous console generation at steeply reduced prices.

Best Time to Buy TVs in Canada

If we’re in dire need of a new TV, then we might have to settle for what’s currently available. However, if we’re looking to upgrade to a bigger size or seeking something with better features, even if our current TV works fine, then we can wait around for the best deal.

In my experience, January is a fantastic time to score a good deal on a TV. Firstly, manufacturers and retailers often offer discounts in the spirit of the New Year. It’s also the Super Bowl season, one of the biggest sports events in America. During this time, sports fans like us tend to look for upgrades to the latest HDTVs before the big game. Then comes June, with Father’s Day. There’s nothing that says “Happy Father’s Day” better than a new TV with advanced features. And in July, we have companies like Amazon to thank. Expect Amazon’s Prime Day sales around this period, with TVs being a popular item.

Of course, we can’t forget about Black Friday, which is one of the best times to keep an eye out for a great TV deal. Cyber Mondays are also fantastic, especially if we happen to miss out on the Black Friday deals. So, whether I’m looking for a bigger screen or better features, these are the times I keep in mind to get the best TV deal.


Fellow deal-seekers, when an urgent need arises for a new electronic device, pay attention to seasonal sales calendars – but also watch manufacturer special events year-round.

Many brands like Lenovo and HP offer their best discounts around anniversary sales, celebrating decades in business. I always monitor social media pages of top brands, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where upcoming device deals are teased.

Before jumping on any social media-advertised discount, do your due diligence. Research the actual model on review sites and retailer listings to ensure it fits your preferences and budget. Don’t sacrifice features or quality just for the lowest price.

With some savvy timing and safe shopping habits, you can unlock amazing savings on needed electronics by pouncing on seasonal or special manufacturer sales events. Let me know if you need any guidance finding legit deals without compromising on the device you want! I love helping fellow Canadians get the most value out of their tech budgets.

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