Best Time to Buy Appliances in Canada


Best Time to Buy Appliances in Canada: Major appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers represent a substantial investment. Top-of-the-line fridges can cost several hundred dollars, and quality ovens and dishwashers often run high as well. So for most shoppers, these big purchases require serious budgeting beforehand.

Luckily, by buying at the right time of year, I’ve found we can save substantially on appliances. Hitting the big seasonal sales allows me to get more value without overspending. But before jumping on any discount, it pays to research the specific brands, models, and features I need. This helps ensure any appliance deal I find actually matches my preferences and requirements. A little advance legwork prevents impulse buys and buyer’s remorse down the road. With strategic timing and planning, I can furnish my home with quality appliances that fit my lifestyle and budget.

Best Times to Buy Appliances in Canada in 2023

Best Time to Buy Appliances in Canada
Best Time to Buy Appliances in Canada

1. Holidays and holiday weekends

Attention appliance shoppers – holiday weekends are some of the best times to score huge savings in Canada! On days like Victoria Day, Canada Day and Labour Day, major retailers run massive sales with discounts up to 50% or more.

I find New Year’s Day especially fruitful for deals as retailers try to hook holiday gift-givers. Likewise, appliances see excellent markdowns around Good Friday for Easter projects. With the right timing, you can save 30% or more on major appliances.

I recommend browsing deals early at appliance leaders like Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, plus directly on manufacturer sites. And keep an eye on online giants like Amazon, which often price-matches and runs additional promos.

Shopping holidays and shopping early maximizes selection at the lowest prices. Don’t wait until your fridge dies to replace it – with some planning, you can upgrade appliances at their deepest discounts. Let me know if you need any other tips capitalizing on holiday sales for home upgrades!

2. Right after the release of a new model

Savvy shoppers know that buying appliances just before new models hit the market can yield major savings. As retailers prepare to stock the latest product launches, they’ll discount remaining inventory of the previous models – often by 30% to 50% off!

The key is timing. I always advise my fellow deal-seekers to research when their desired brands historically release updated appliances each year. Watch for these new product announcements, then quickly swoop in to snag deals on the outgoing models before they sell out.

In most cases, the differences between appliance generations are minor. You’ll score nearly identical performance for way less. Just be sure to compare features and specs carefully when choosing between a steeply discounted previous model and its shiny new replacement.

With some strategic timing and flexibility, you can land awesome appliances priced far below their original MSRP. Let me know if you need any other tips for capitalizing on these transitional sales moments!

3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

For scoring appliances at the absolute lowest prices – mark those calendars for Black Friday! This massive sales event right after American Thanksgiving (October in Canada) is prime time for dramatic markdowns.

Nearly every major retailer and manufacturer unleashes deep discounts on appliances, both in-store and online. I’m talking savings up to 50-60% off or more on refrigerators, ovens, washers – you name it.

If you don’t spot your perfect deal on Black Friday itself, hang tight until Cyber Monday three days later. The online-focused sale often features excellent appliance markdowns to rival Black Friday.

Between these two huge sales, you should find eye-popping prices on any appliance needs. My tips: research sales early, compare deals, and pounce when you see discounts deep enough on desired brands. With the right prep, you can check off your appliance upgrades at their best prices all year. Let me know if you need any other savings tips for these major sales events!

4. Back-to-school season

While back-to-school sales focus heavily on laptops and electronics, I’ve also found great appliance deals during this time of year. Retailers know students stocking dorms or moving into first apartments need essentials like microwaves, mini fridges, and space heaters.

So they offer excellent discounts on smaller and more “portable” appliances in late summer to attract student shoppers. By watching for these sales, I’ve scored great deals on the exact appliances my kids needed for college living.

However, I learned that the major price cuts during back-to-school season don’t usually apply to full-size family appliances. The deep discounts target smaller models geared specifically toward student needs. While I capitalize on sales for dorm and apartment appliances each August, I’ve found better luck waiting for long weekends like Labor Day for more family-sized appliance deals.

5. Buying in the off-season

I’ve discovered excellent deals can be found buying appliances in their off-seasons. Items like air conditioners, space heaters, and grills are extremely seasonal.

For example, I look for sales on room heaters during the summer months when most people aren’t worried about staying warm. Similarly, I’ve scored great deals on barbecue grills in winter when demand drops off.

Retailers seem much more willing to offer deep discounts to move these appliances outside of peak seasons. So by going against the grain and shopping off-season, I’m able to purchase quality appliances at bargain prices. A little advance planning to buy in the opposite season has helped me furnish my home affordably.

6. Amazon Prime Day

For online shoppers like me, Amazon Prime Day offers an excellent opportunity for appliance deals. Arriving in June or July each year, Prime Day serves up thousands of markdowns across Amazon’s entire catalog – including major appliance sales. I’ve found discounts of 20% or more on items like refrigerators and washing machines during the 48-hour sale frenzy.

The key is acting extremely fast, as popular deals and inventory tend to disappear quickly on Prime Day. I recommend closely tracking upcoming Prime Day announcements, previewing appliance deals, and being ready to purchase at lightning speed once sales go live. With smart preparation and reflexes, big Prime Day appliance savings can be ours! Beyond Prime Day, I also watch for daily deals and flash sales year-round when shopping the major online retailers. These rotating promotions frequently include appliance markdowns worth capitalizing on.


If I don’t urgently need a new appliance, I’ve learned it pays to wait for the major deal seasons to make a purchase. Patience and timing ensure I maximize my savings, allowing me to get greater overall value. By holding off until the big appliance sales around long weekends and holidays, I can furnish my home with more quality pieces without overspending. A little strategic planning helps me keep more cash in my wallet. Why rush into a full-priced model now when I can get an even better appliance for less down the road?

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