Best Time to Buy a TV in Canada in 2024


Best Time to Buy a TV in Canada: When’s the best time to buy a TV in Canada? Figuring out the optimal time to invest in a new TV can be tricky with prices fluctuating frequently. As a fellow Canadian, I know how daunting it is to navigate the endless TV deals and models. My advice? Be patient, do your research, and pounce when the price and features align with your needs. I find the best values emerge around major holidays and new product launches. Comparing retailers is key too – don’t assume the first deal you see is the lowest price. With some diligence, you can score an incredible TV without overspending. I’m happy to share my insider tips to help fellow Canadians get the perfect TV at the perfect time for their budget.

Best Time to Buy a TV Canada
Best Time to Buy a TV Canada

Best Times to Buy a TV in Canada

When it comes to buying a new TV, it’s important to think about the best time to purchase in order to get the best deal. With prices fluctuating throughout the year, you need to watch out for sale periods when TVs are offered at deeply discounted rates – sometimes up to half off!

In this article, I’ll discuss the optimal times of year to snag a new TV based on my research and experience finding deals. I’ll share tips on capitalizing on major sales holidays, seasonal discounts, and retailer incentives. My goal is to help you save money and get the most television for your budget. Read on for my advice on timing your TV purchase just right to take advantage of special deals and pricing. With the right info, we can find that perfect sale to bring home your dream TV!

1. January

Based on my research, the first and last weeks of January are prime times to get excellent deals on a new TV.

The beginning of January sees retailers offer New Year’s sales and clearance discounts to move old inventory for the new models coming out. As someone who follows the market closely, I know manufacturers release updated TVs annually, even with minimal changes. So you can often find hefty discounts of 30% or more as they try to sell the previous year’s sets.

Similarly, in the last week of January, prices drop again as retailers look to clear older models off the shelves before February and new spring merchandise arrives.

So January, when most people are less likely to be shopping for TVs, becomes a buyer’s market. By shopping at the very start or end of the month, we can take full advantage of the deep clearance sales and rock-bottom pricing. To get the best value on a new TV, January is the time to buy!

2. Two Weeks Before Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports event in North America, with millions tuning in across the US and Canada.

Knowing how much hype surrounds the big game, retailers and manufacturers take advantage by offering special Super Bowl TV deals in the days leading up to the NFL showdown.

As someone who’s researched these sales, I’ve found that prices typically drop on large-screen TVs – think 49-inch and up – giving buyers a chance to save. Retailers knows football fans will upgrade their home watching experience for the most anticipated football matchup of the year.

So in the week before the Super Bowl, keep an eye out for those big-screen TV markdowns. That’s the opportune time we can score a new, large TV just in time to watch the game at home on the best possible screen. Taking advantage of retailers’ promotions is the smartest way for us football fans to save money while enhancing our viewing experience.

3. Late March and Early April

Major TV manufacturers tend to release their new model lineup in early spring each year.

As I’ve learned from tracking the market, you can expect to see these new TVs hit store shelves in late March. With the arrival of updated models, prices on the previous year’s sets start dropping to make room for the new inventory.

This creates great savings opportunities for us buyers if we act fast. Once the new models appear, discounts on the older versions often range from 25% to 35% off. The trade-off is that these won’t be the latest technology or have all the new features, but the markdowns provide substantial savings.

So around March, keep an eye out for those older model closeout sales when last year’s TVs go on clearance. That’s our chance to score major discounts right before the new models take over. Moving quickly, we can get a solid high-quality TV for way less to upgrade our home viewing.

4. Amazon Prime Day

For online shoppers, Amazon Prime Day presents a fantastic 48-hour opportunity to save on TV purchases.

Prime Day, typically held in June or July depending on Amazon, offers thousands of deals across all product categories, including great discounts on TVs. I recommend doing some quick Google searches to find leaked dates and prepare to take advantage of the sales.

Through my own deal hunting, I’ve found Prime Day TV sales focus on smaller screen sizes and lesser known brands generally. However, with some digging, you can uncover discounts from top names like Toshiba and Insignia on larger 55-inch+ 4K or FHD models.

While the selection leans toward off-brand and smaller sizes, Prime Day does give us a limited window to grab big TV discounts we won’t find year-round. For deal-savvy shoppers flexible on model and brand, Prime Day can offer the chance to save big on a new TV online. Monitoring deals closely is key for us to find those diamonds in the rough and walk away with major savings in hand.

5. Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As any savvy shopper knows, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime times to score fantastic deals on TVs.

These major sales weekends, right after Thanksgiving, are famous for deep discounts from both online and brick-and-mortar retailers. However, expect crowds trying to snag the same blockbuster deals in stores.

I’ve found that even if you miss out on a doorbuster TV deal on Black Friday itself, Cyber Monday offers a second chance for major savings. This online sales day has become a key opportunity for us buyers, with numerous TV models heavily marked down.

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals are available from the comfort of home and tend to include all sizes, brands, and prices. I’ve seen discounts ranging from 50% to over 60% off original prices that day. While the very lowest cost TVs get the deepest cuts, careful shopping can uncover great savings on quality sets.

To maximize Cyber Monday savings, I recommend monitoring deal aggregation sites for the latest doorbuster TVs as they go live online. This gives us a leg up to act fast and order an awesome new TV at an unbeatable price.

6. Father’s Day

Father’s Day, landing on the third Sunday of June annually, has become a popular time for retailers to offer special discounts on TVs as “dad” gifts.

While classic Father’s Day gifts range from watches to gift baskets, retailers know many shoppers want to go big and gift dad a new TV. They lure in shoppers with promotions and markdowns around this holiday.

As someone always looking for TV deals, I start monitoring major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy ahead of Father’s Day weekend to find the sales. There are often impressive discounts aimed at those looking to purchase a TV as a holiday gift.

So for shoppers like us looking for a new TV at a stellar price, Father’s Day deals present a timely opportunity. Keeping tabs on sales and promotions around that weekend can lead us to major savings if gifting a TV for dad or anyone else. The key is acting fast once the deals are spotted online or in stores.

7. December 26

For deal hunters, the 24 hours right after Christmas Day presents a prime chance to score major discounts on TVs.

Retailers rush to clear out inventory before the new year, offering deep post-holiday markdowns. From my experience tracking deals, discounts often reach up to 30% on larger-screen TVs during this sales frenzy.

However, securing these savings requires dedication and speed. I’ve found you often need to be online when the clock strikes midnight on December 26th to grab the best post-Christmas TV deals before stock sells out. It’s first-come, first-served, so we have to be vigilant and willing to stay up late to snatch those excellent deals.

For shoppers willing to sacrifice some sleep, the day after Christmas gives us opportunity to buy a premium, large-screen TV for much less. Monitoring online inventory post-midnight and acting immediately is key for us to purchase top models and sizes at the steepest holiday discounts. This takes effort but pays off big in TV savings.


Finding the ideal time to invest in a new TV involves patience and diligence as a shopper. My advice is to avoid impulse buys. Instead, research thoroughly, compare prices, and wait for big sales weekends or new model releases. Be flexible on specifications – a deal on a comparable model can bring big savings. With some savvy timing, you can land an impressive TV without overspending. As a fellow Canadian, I’m happy to share my insider knowledge to help you navigate the TV deals marketplace. Feel free to reach out if you need any guidance getting the perfect TV at the perfect time for your budget!

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