Best Time to Buy a Laptop in Canada in 2023


Best Time to Buy a Laptop in Canada: Laptop shopping can be overwhelming with so many sizes, features, and price points to evaluate. As a fellow shopper, I know high-end laptops tailored for gaming or development can carry hefty price tags. But even mainstream everyday-use laptops vary widely in affordability.

Ultimately, we all want to feel confident we’re getting the best laptop for our individual needs and budget. While top specs or specialized performance may justify a higher cost for some, a pricier model isn’t always better if you won’t utilize those capabilities fully.

The key is determining the right laptop based on how you actually plan to use it day to day. Let me know if you need any advice navigating the options to find a laptop with the ideal blend of features and value for your situation. I’m happy to share my tips for saving money while still getting a laptop perfect for you.

Best Times to Buy a Laptop in Canada
Best Times to Buy a Laptop in Canada

Best Times to Buy a Laptop in Canada

Timing is everything when it comes to scoring deals on a new laptop. As a fellow Canadian shopper, I know how tempting impulse buys can be. But having patience and making your purchase at the right time can lead to major savings.

In my experience, the best deals emerge around major holidays and sales events. Retailers also often discount existing inventory when new model laptops are about to launch.

My advice is to do thorough research, compare prices, and wait for the perfect sale alignment with your needs. Consider refurbished options too – you can find significant savings on pre-owned laptops in great condition. With some insider tips and flexibility, you can land an amazing laptop and maximize your savings in the process. Let me know if you need any guidance on finding the ideal time to buy!

Back-to-school season

As a fellow Canadian laptop shopper, I’ve found late summer to early fall is prime time to score deals, thanks to busy back-to-school sales. Retailers like Best Buy, Staples, and Amazon offer hot deals both online and in-stores to attract student shoppers.

I recommend checking out the back-to-school promotions these retailers offer from July through September. You can find great savings on laptops from major brands like HP, Dell, and Apple. Students can benefit from extra perks like free AirPods from Apple.

If you’re not a student, look into Apple’s refurbished options to grab older models at nice discounts. And keep an eye out for holiday sales over Labour Day weekend too. With some savvy timing and comparison shopping, you can land a fabulous laptop for less during this season. Let me know if you need any other Canada-specific tips for maximizing savings on your next laptop purchase!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As your fellow Canadian deal hunter, let me assure you – the holiday sales bonanza is prime time to score huge savings on laptops. Black Friday brings intense competition between retailers, with some slashing prices by 50% or more!

My tips: Leverage price tracking browser extensions like Honey and CamelCamelCamel when shopping Amazon. This allows you to evaluate if a deal is truly the lowest price. Cyber Monday is also prime savings territory – statistics show some of the best tech deals emerge then.

Beyond extensions, I recommend starting your research early, monitoring sales at major retailers, and being flexible on brands and specs. Have financing ready if paying outright is difficult. With preparation and diligence, you can seize holiday sales to invest in an amazing laptop and maximize your savings. Let me know if you need any other Canada-focused advice!

Right Before or After Big Product Releases

Smart shoppers know that timing new laptop purchases around product launch cycles can lead to big savings. As a fellow deal seeker, my advice is to wait for announcements of new models – that’s when retailers discount existing inventory to make room for the latest offerings.

For Apple, this happens every September when they reveal updated MacBooks. Similarly, Windows laptop makers like Dell, HP, and Lenovo unveil new lineups at CES each January. By February, you’ll see these new releases hit shelves and older models get temporarily discounted, even brand new ones.

So if you can be patient, hold off until the next gen laptops are announced. Jump on an older model while stocks last to snag those bonus discounts. With some savvy timing, you can land a fabulous laptop and maximize your savings around product launch season. Feel free to reach out if you need any other Canada-specific laptop buying tips!

Amazon Prime Day

Fellow deal hunters – keep your eyes peeled for Amazon Prime Day, the retailer’s own epic Black Friday-esque sales event. For 48 hours, you’ll find deep discounts across every category, including stellar laptop deals.

Amazon typically announces the Prime Day date a few weeks in advance – it falls sometime between June and October. Be ready to pounce quickly once it drops, as the best lightning deals sell out fast!

My tips: Create your Amazon wish lists now so you can checkout fast when deals go live. Make sure you have Prime membership to access all offers. And keep checking back as new deals emerge throughout the event. With preparation and swift action, Prime Day is the perfect time to score an incredible new laptop at a steep discount. Let me know if you need any other Canada-specific Amazon shopping hacks!

Buying a Laptop in Canada: Things to Consider

Finding the perfect laptop means considering your unique needs and priorities. As a fellow shopper, I know the ideal machine varies greatly depending on use – students, developers, and gamers have different criteria than a mom or entrepreneur.

Based on my experience, here are some of the most important factors to evaluate:

  • Screen size & resolution – Bigger and better displays are ideal for design work or watching movies.
  • Processor and RAM – More power allows seamless multitasking and quick performance.
  • Storage – SSDs offer faster performance while HDDs provide more space per dollar.
  • Graphics – Dedicated GPUs are great for gaming and video editing.
  • Battery life – Longer run times enable all-day use without constant charging.
  • Price – Set a realistic budget and find the best value within it.

Keeping your specific needs and preferences in mind is key to finding the perfect laptop for your situation. Let me know if you need any other Canada-specific laptop shopping tips!

Operating System

When laptop shopping, a major decision is which operating system you want – the software that powers how you interact with the computer. The main options are Windows or MacOS.

If you don’t currently use Apple devices, I usually recommend considering a Windows laptop first. Windows offers a huge selection of brands and models to meet any need or budget. It also runs software compatible with most workplaces.

However, for creatives or those invested in the Apple ecosystem, MacOS offers seamless integration with iPhones and iPads. Mac laptops excel at media editing as well.

Consider your own comfort level, software needs, and existing devices when choosing an OS. While less common, Linux systems are another alternative favored by programmers. Let me know if you need any guidance choosing the laptop OS that best fits your lifestyle and needs!


When comparing laptops, it’s crucial to evaluate the key features and capabilities to ensure it fits your needs. As a fellow shopper, here are some of the most important specs I examine:

  • Processor – More powerful CPUs like i7s allow quicker, smoother performance.
  • RAM – 8GB and above enables seamless multitasking.
  • Display resolution – 4K screens provide sharper visuals but drain battery.
  • Storage type – SSD offers faster speeds while HDD provides more space.
  • Ports – Look for USB-C, USB-A, HDMI and other essential ports.
  • Battery life – Aim for 8+ hours of runtime for all-day use.

Just remember – higher specs often mean a higher price tag. Find the sweet spot between features you need versus want to maximize value without overspending. Let me know if you need any other Canada-specific laptop buying tips! I’m happy to help.


When shopping for a laptop, screen size is a key consideration that impacts portability versus power. The most common options are 13, 15 or 17 inches measured diagonally.

As a fellow shopper, I find 13-inch models offer the best portability – they easily slip into bags and are lightweight to carry around. However, their small size limits processing power compared to bulkier 15 or 17-inch laptops.

Larger screens provide more real estate for multitasking and often pack stronger CPU performance. But their heft makes them less convenient for commuting or travel.

Ultimately it’s about balancing your needs – if you’re always on the go, lean towards ultraportable 13″ sizes. If raw power is critical and you don’t move much, go bigger. Let me know if you need any advice choosing the ideal screen size for your lifestyle!


In my experience tracking Canadian laptop deals, the optimal times for savings are the back-to-school sales in late summer, Black Friday and Cyber Monday in November, Boxing Day in December, and the January clearance sales. Acting strategically around these major deal holidays will help us secure a quality laptop for the lowest price. Setting up price alerts and closely monitoring retailer promotions are wise strategies. With laptops, timing matters more than the brand or model. By purchasing during peak deal events like Black Friday or Boxing Day, we can maximize value and find the perfect laptop at an unbeatable price.

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