Apple Watches Series 4 Prices in Canada (2023)


You’re so right – the Apple Series 4 was a total game-changer when it first hit the smartwatch scene. And while the latest models have impressive upgrades, the Series 4 remains one of the best, most versatile options out there. Especially if you want top-notch health and fitness tracking without the premium price tag.

In this quick guide, we’ll give you the full run-down on the Apple Series 4 so you can decide if it’s the right smartwatch for you. I’ll share key details like the Series 4 prices in Canada, standout features, and honest pros and cons. You’ll get a clear sense of what this smartwatch can do and whether it aligns with your needs. No hype, just the key facts to help you determine if the Series 4 should earn a spot on your wrist. I’ll even provide some insight on how it compares to newer models. Let’s dive in and uncover everything the Apple Series 4 has to offer! With this overview, finding the perfect smartwatch will be a breeze.

Apple Watches Series 4 Prices in Canada

I feel you – buying an older model smartwatch can be tricky. You want to avoid winding up with a worn out battery or other issues. That’s why I recommend going with a renewed Apple Watch Series 4. Renewed means the watch has been professionally inspected, tested, and restored to like-new condition. So you get the functionality and performance of a brand new Series 4, without the hefty price tag.

Here’s what to expect if you opt for a renewed GPS + Cellular Apple Watch Series 4:

You’ll pay around $250 to $350, which is super reasonable for a watch this versatile. Going renewed means you get to save a ton compared to buying a Series 4 when it first launched. The watch will look and work like new – you can trust it’s been vetted to function optimally.

A warranty is included to protect you from defects, often 3-6 months. So you’ve got a safety net if any problems pop up down the road.

In my experience, renewed tech items are the way to go. You get peace of mind knowing the product has been refreshed to as-good-as-new condition by professionals. To me, that’s worth the discount over taking a chance on used.

Apple Watches Series 4 Prices in Canada
Apple Watches Series 4 Prices in Canada

Apple Watch Series 4 Review


Let’s talk about the showstopper feature of the Series 4 – that gorgeous display. Apple made some smart design choices here. They stripped away the chunky bezels to extend the screen nearly edge to edge. All the models also bumped up in size – we’re talking 30% larger face than previous generations. Visuals just pop on these vivid OLED displays. And with 1,000 nits brightness, reading notifications is a breeze even in glaring sunlight. Apple also hooked up the Series 4 with fresh new watch face options. The info-packed Infograph Modular is a fave – it puts 6 data points right on your homescreen with just a tap. Weather, music, battery %, date, time, workouts – it’s all there in a glance.


The Series 4 sits a tad larger on your wrist than older Apple watches. The smallest model increased 2mm to 40mm across – which can make a noticeable difference for petite wrists. In actual dimensions, the Series 4 measures 39.8mm tall and 34.4mm wide. So you get a bit more real estate than the Series 3. For me, the slightly upsized design is a win. You get more generous screen space without compromising comfort.

Health Features

Now let’s get into the truly game-changing additions on the health front. With FDA clearance, Apple packed an ECG app that can take on-the-spot electrocardiograms. There’s also an irregular heart rhythm feature that provides alerts for atrial fibrillation. At launch, there were concerns about false positives from the ECG causing unnecessary doctor’s visits. But it’s proven to be fairly accurate and Apple cautions it’s not a substitute for medical diagnosis.

Overall the ECG app is a helpful tool, providing actionable notifications if your heart rate is too high/low or rhythm is irregular. You can store the heart data in the app for a month, which is great if you can’t get regular checkups. Another neat innovation is the fall detection feature. Using the upgraded accelerometer and gyroscope, it can sense if you fall forward or backward and gauge impact to determine if it was an accidental fall. Super helpful for older users!


Let’s talk speed – the Series 4 got a major boost in performance over earlier models. That old lag time to load apps? Gone. The new S4 processor makes pulling up Maps, Email, or whatever lightning fast. We’re talking on par or better than top smartwatches from Google and others.

Apple Watches Series 4 Prices in Canada
Apple Watches Series 4 Prices in Canada

Siri Integration

You can’t separate Apple Watch and Siri! But it used to be a pain to summon the voice assistant on older watches. Even “Hey Siri” took forever. The Series 4 made summoning Siri super snappy. Just raise your wrist and talk – Siri pops right up. Though keep requests simple as Siri still has limitations.

Fitness and Music

Two more upgrades to highlight…The Series 4 has an automatic workout detection feature now, so if you forget to end your run, it logs things accurately. There’s also offline podcast syncing with Apple and third-party podcast apps.

GPS or Cellular

If you opt for cellular, you’ll get improved reception even outside major metro areas. But it does cost more than the GPS-only versions. For maximum savings, the GPS models are the way to go.

Battery Life

You’ll get around 24 hours of battery per charge with the Series 4. Not as long as some Fitbits or Samsung watches, but still solid. Even with a bigger battery, Apple didn’t extend runtime much beyond the prior models.

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